Miraflores, Lima, Sunset

We Are Under The Same Sky | Estamos Bajo El Mismo Cielo.
South America and my adventures where feel a world away, here are some of my favourite sunsets the time spent there. No matter where in the world we are, we are all under the same sky.

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Me at Machu Picchu

From Santiago, With Love.
Santiago was an amazing place to be reunited with friend and family after 15 years. I didn't fall in love with it though. It is however a very cool place to visit.

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4 Days, 3 Nights, and a 49km Hike on The Inca Trail.
It has to be at the top of any South America bucket list, (not that I have a bucket list). It's a tough climb! But absolutely worth it. Especially for the bragging rights.

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It's Not Homophobia! It's Protecting Our Children.
How do you write a culturally sensitive post when you walk into the middle of an anti-government, anti-equality, homophobic protest?

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bus 8

Escape from Uyuni, and a Three Day Salt Flat Tour.
The tour of the Salar was like visiting a different planet and an experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.

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Bolivia by Bus

Bolivia By Bus.
You have been warned: Buses in Bolivia are awful. Dead llamas, cockroaches, and that's if they turn up at all! It really, REALLY is worth it though. 

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chal 6

Roughing It In Patagonia.
A week camping in Patagonia with little more than a sleeping bag and a tent, I have come to realise that I'm not quite the city girl I once thought I was. I do need to be better prepared next time though..

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Chilean Vineyard vs Chilean Wine

Chilean Vineyard vs Chilean Wine.
It turns out that working on a vineyard isn't as much fun as you would think, but between the earthquakes, bird eating spiders and slave labour, you do get access to some pretty decent wine!

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my heart and valparaiso

My Heart, and Valparaíso.
Endless cobbled streets, amazing street art, sunsets, and a famous poets house. It was so easy to fall in love with Chile's psychedelic city. I was only there for three days but I never wanted to leave.

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Street Art and Unpronounceable Parks. São Paulo, Part 2.

Street Art and Unpronouncable Parks.
São Paulo, Part 2. Parks with fifteen syllable names, amazing street art, and the gorgeous family I Couchsurfed with in São Paulo.

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There is Another Way of Looking at the World.

There is Another Way of Looking at the World.
A month in the mountains living on a spiritual sanctuary. Yoga, rebirthing, and my first, unforgettable Workaway experience.

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Skipping School and Singing Circles. São Paulo, Part 1.

Skipping School & Singing Circles.
São Paulo, Part 1. A Colombian home stay, a student who was more interested in X-box than English and, of course, I found myself some hippies to hang out with.

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Paraty, Brazil.

Paraty, Brazil.
Paraty really did speak to the residual hippie in me. Away from the hustle and bustle of Rio, I visited waterfalls, unspoiled beaches and found myself closer to nature than I had been in years.

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Goodbye Rio! Thank You for the Memories.
After two months living and working in Rio I can honestly say that I have fallen in L-O-V-E. I met some amazing people, had some incredible experiences and had more fun than I ever thought possible.

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Olympics Rio 2016

Rio Olympics 2016.
A city really does show you the best side of itself when it is on the world stage and during the Olympics Rio did just that. London 2012, Rio 2016... don't worry, I have my sights set on Tokyo 2020.

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A weekend in Rio

Right Here, Right Now.
When was the last time you were exactly where you were meant to be, doing exactly what your were suppose to be doing? In the summer of 2016 the answer to this question for me was right here, right now.

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5 Ways To Meet People As A Solo Traveller

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