Miraflores, Lima, Sunset

We Are Under The Same Sky | Estamos Bajo El Mismo Cielo.
South America and my adventures where feel a world away, here are some of my favourite sunsets the time spent there. No matter where in the world we are, we are all under the same sky.

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It's Not Homophobia! It's Protecting Our Children.
How do you write a culturally sensitive post when you walk into the middle of an anti-government, anti-equality, homophobic protest?

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There is Another Way of Looking at the World.

There is Another Way of Looking at the World.
A month in the mountains living on a spiritual sanctuary. Yoga, rebirthing, and my first, unforgettable Workaway experience.

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A weekend in Rio

Right Here, Right Now.
When was the last time you were exactly where you were meant to be, doing exactly what your were suppose to be doing? In the summer of 2016 the answer to this question for me was right here, right now.

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The Greatest Place on Earth.
As the title suggests, Glastonbury Festival is the best place ever. And there is no amount of mud that will ever make me say any different, ESPECIALLY when I end up on the front of the NME.

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I am a BIG Fan of the Post-It Note.
As I was packing up my flat to start of my next adventure I reflected and mused on the things I'll miss about life in London whilst trying my very best not to die of nostalgia.

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St Paul

The Countdown - It's Official!
The flights are booked, my notice has been handed in, I've told anyone who will listen about my plans, the day is almost here, and now I'm bricking it!

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San Francisco, October 2015

Toss a Coin, Roll the Dice.
On my first solo trip for a while I decided that I wanted to travel more. Much more. I left my decision in the hands of fate and tossed a coin and rolled a dice to decide where I would go, and for how long...

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Olympics Rio 2016

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