Rocinha, Rio Brazil. Obi.

The World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship.
I submitted an entry to The World Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship after a few of my Facebook friends suggested I take part.

The brief was to submit a short piece of travel writing on the topic of either, 'A place I'll never forget', 'Out of my comfort zone,' or 'Making a local connection'. I wrote about my experiences of living and working in Rocinha, the largest favela in Brazil. See if you can guess which topic I chose.

Although I didn't win, I make the top 20 shortlist out of 8,000 entries and got some wonderful feedback from the judges. A win in my eyes.

Between The Wars


The Liebster Award.
In July 2016 Recovering Hippie was nominated for The Liebster Award. This is a peer-to-peer nominated award, where other bloggers can nominate new bloggers to answer a series of questions, and are encouraged to nominate other bloggers to spread the Liebster love.

What feels like forever ago, I receive an email from Hilda-Jo Williams saying that she had nominated me for the award! You can read my answers to her questions, and see my nominees on my post.

If you would like me to nominate your blog for The Liebser Award, please email me on:


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