The Greatest Place on Earth.I have recently returned, (and am still recovering) from the greatest party on the earth! I know that I have mentioned this once or twice already on this blog, and be warned, I will be mentioning it again, but: I L-O-V-E Glastonbury Festival!
On one hand it is a five day endurance test of how far you can walk, how much you can drink and how little you can sleep, whilst negotiating your way around 100+ stages and 200k festival goers. On the other hand it is the best thing that has happened, or will ever happen to anyone, ever.

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There is little that can be said to do justice to just how incredible the whole experience is, however I can but try.
My sister and I volunteered there this year – the second year in a row – and so we arrived on Monday, two days before the festival opened, and set up camp. We got there at around 3pm and had a little help pushing our car through the mud and into the car park we loaded ourselves up and trenched through what, I will admit, was a rather concerning amount of mud, before stepping onto the sacred land that is Worthy Farm.

“How do you get on site before the festival opens?”

...I hear you ask... This is one of the many perks of volunteering at the festival – two EXTRA days! That, and hot showers, two meals on the days you work and secure camping. Our shifts were 6am-12noon, Fri-Mon, and you also get a refund for the price of your ticket. Pretty sweet deal, right?

“But why would you want to arrive two days before the festival opens?”

...I hear you say... well, dear reader, because those are some of the best days. Picture this if you will: 1000 people across the whole of the site, all working at and/or involved in making the festival happen, you also get to see the whole place come to life as the finishing touches are put in place. Everyone there is on the same wavelength and of course, up for having a good time.

As is tradition, we spent the first evening up at the Stone Circle watching the sun set, and then hit one of the back-stage crew bars with our new found friends, until we were kicked out at 2am. A very, VERY early night in Glastonbury terms.
The music was great, as always, but the reality is that the the music is such a small part of the whole experience. I think I saw the least bands this year of all the Glastonburys I've been to. Highlights included, The Last Shadow Puppets, Tame Impala, White Denim, Beck, Disclosure – (oh WOW, Disclosure!) … The Smyths on the Thursday evening was also a real treat.


On the Sunday evening we watched the first three song at Cold Play and very quickly realised that we were on a different vibe, and so headed up to Arcadia to see the Metamorphosis Show, and discovered that Basement Jaxx was playing. I lost my shit!
We decided to make a night of it, and spent the final night of the festival running around from area to area, rolling around in the mud and high-fiving anyone who was up for it. It really was the best night of any festival ever – although the 6am shift on Monday morning was, shall we say, rather challenging.


I can honestly say that this was THE best Glastonbury that I have ever been to! It was also the muddiest, not that I even noticed the mud after the first few hours. It wasn’t the wettest though – I didn’t come back with the tan I had hoped for, but at least I didn’t drowned, or end up with trench foot either. I can still maintain, I don’t go to wet festivals, albeit at a push.

I came back to reality on Monday evening, and like Britain, I was broken. I think that there was not better place in the world to be that Glastonbury when Brexit broke. I’m still trying to get my head around all the chaos, and I will write a post to reflect on that later.
This morning as I headed into Brixton tube, I was handed a copy of the NME and my heart stopped as I looked down at the front cover to see the photograph of the front cover of two girls rolling around in the Glastonbury mud, having the absolute time of their lives. Two sisters, two best friends, my sister and I.


We made the front cover of NME. Have THAT Chris Martin.

This is why I L-O-V-E Glastonbury.

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