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The Countdown - It's Official.Packing up my life and preparing to leave the country is, without a doubt, one of the most stressful and things that I have had to 'deal with' for a long, long time. Emotions are high, fuses are short, made even more so by the fact that I will be sleeping in six different places over the next four weeks before settling into my new home in Rio de Janeiro.
The light at the end of the tunnel will never have felt so warm on my face.
It won’t be all sofa surfing and brushing my teeth in the bathroom at work. I have an eight-night getaway planned to the greatest place on earth, AKA Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, or Glasto, for short. My sister and I will be volunteering there and so we get to enjoy three whole extra days of festival with around 2000 other workers and volunteers before the 250k festival goers descend on Pilton. I am as excited, maybe even more so about going to Glastonbury than I am about moving to Brazil.
I cannot wait.


If planning my London/Festival wardrobe for the next four weeks wasn’t bad enough, having to decide what I may or may not need in South America for the following 6-12 months is pretty soul destroying.
I'm trying to heed my own advice, and convince myself that less really is more when it comes to travelling, and with limited space left in my Mum’s loft – I am realising that I’m actually a bit of hoarder, and have self-diagnosed myself with, (what I'm calling) ANS - Acute Nostalgia Syndrome.
Given that I haven’t owned a car since 2010, I found it worryingly difficult to part with a file of MOT and insurance documents. I don’t know what I was saving them for, my no claims discount has expired, as have all MOT certificates 2004-10. I ruminated over past cars for over 20 minutes... the Peugeot 106, the Citroen AX - both of them, the Saxo, the Passat, Oh the Volkswagon Passat!
I eventually tossed a coin to see if I should keep them or not, felt a pang of anxiety when the coin dictated that everything needed to go in the bin, and quite quickly realised I need to pull myself together.
Other items that were particularly difficult to part with include; around 1000 pens, two pairs of boots that I haven’t worn since university, and a coat that has been too small for about six years, and if it did ever fit me again, would mean that every other item of clothing I own would be at least two sizes too big for me.
I also have 7 -8 coffee mugs and 50 fridge magnets that I have bought myself as souvenirs on my various adventures. Most of these, I will admit, survived the cull and made their way into my memory box, save for any that were purchased with or by any ex’s, as these have diminished in sentimental value with the passing of time.

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