I am a BIG fan of the post-it note.Having lived with one of my best friend for the last three, and often feeling like two ships that pass in the night I have become a big fan of the post-it note.
I am often up with the larks and out to work before 8am, he regularly burning the midnight oil and gets home close to midnight. As early morning or late night texts, phone calls, or knocks on the bedroom door, are rarely appreciated, we have agreed that post-it notes are not passive aggressive and that it is a perfectly acceptable way to communicate with one another at home.
There was absolutely zero chance that these were ever going to be thrown away. Never in a million years – not even a coin toss is THAT powerful. As someone who is pathologically sentimental, with almost debilitating, albeit self-diagnosed ANS (Acute Nostalgia Syndrom), packing up the various post-it notes and memorabilia strewn around the flat was excruciating.


There was crying and moping, some melancholy and then more crying. It was the first of what I’m sure will be many moments over the next for weeks when I think 'Oh fuck, what am I doing!??!?'

As I have said before, I really quite like my life. I’m pretty lucky like that. I enjoy my job, I have some amazing friends, I live with one of my best friend in one of the most amazing cities in the world, and I’m am going to change everything for the preferred unknown? Where I will be doing a job I might hate, not knowing anyone, on a continent that I’ve never even visited?

Damn right I am!

That’s the point I guess. If there wasn’t risk and uncertainty everyone would be doing it, surely? And if it wasn’t totally worth it no one would do it ever, right?
I know this stress is only temporary. I have now gotten my first major wobble out of the way, and have a whole shoe box dedicated to used post-it notes and fridge magnets, which will be staying in my mum's attic until.. well, who knows when.

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