San Francisco, October 2015
San Francisco, October 2015

Toss a coin. Roll a dice.On the 1st January 2016, I tossed a coin and rolled a dice. Heads, South East Asia, Tails, South America. The number on the dice being the number of months I would be away. Motivated by serendipity, whilst travelling around California in October I bumped into someone that I hadn’t seen for many years. That person was me.

Los Angeles, October 2015
Los Angeles, October 2015

When I got back to London the post holiday blues took on a life of their own, and I found myself returning to the same question: ‘what do I want for my life?’ Now, you might think that I am in some way dissatisfied with my lot, or the hand I have been dealt. I can honestly, say hand on heart, that my life is full and enriching. I am entirely grateful for this. I live in one of the most exciting cities in the world, I am surrounded by incredible inspiring people, and I have a job that I love. I realise how very lucky I am. ‘So why the need to change anything?’ You may ask. But the question that I need to satisfy myself with answering is, ‘why not?’ And as it stands, I am yet to satisfy myself with a good enough answer to that question. This won’t be the first time that I have upped sticks and left my world behind. Ten years ago, in December 2005 I gave up a relatively promising dead-end job in a Leeds based call centre and booked myself a one-way ticket to India.


The old cliché that go along with travelling really did live up to, and surpassed, all expectations. I ‘found myself’, ‘lost myself’, ‘found myself’ again, repositioned my worldview, and then took action to change the direction that my life was heading. Undoubtedly for the better.

But there has always been something bubbling under the surface that has been there long before my travels to the east. Wanderlust, as it were. My family on my dad’s side live literally on the other side of the world, and visiting them throughout my formative years gave me the travel bug which I have never quite been able to shake. Not that I’ve ever really tried.

South America, 6 months.
South America, 6 months.

So now that the coin has been tossed, and the dice rolled. The questions ‘Where to? and ‘For how long?’ have been answered. The only thing to decide now is, ‘When?’

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