It's Not Homophobia! It's Protecting Our Children.
Less than 24hours in Peru, THIS was the biggest culture shock of my life... Full Post.

Escape from Uyuni.
... And a Three Day Salt Flat Tour... Full post.

Bolivia By Bus.
You have been warned: Buses in Bolivia are awful. It really is worth it though... Full Post.

Roughing It In Patagonia.
After a weeks camping and hiking in Patagonia I have decided I'm not quite the city girl I thought I was... Full Post.

The Liebster Award.
So what feels like forever ago, I receive an email from Hilda-Jo Williams saying that she had nominated me for a Liebster Award! ...Full post

My Heart, and Valparaíso.
Falling in love with Chile´s psychodelic city... Full Post.

What Is On Your Bucket List? (If you have one)
There are things that I hope to achieve in the next few years, but I really hope I live much longer than that ... Full post.

Chilean Vineyard vs Chilean Wine.
Read my mixed review of a month on a Chilean Vineyard. Turns out its not as much fun as you'd think... Full Post.

5 Ways to Meet People as a Solo Traveller.
Read my top 5, tried and tested ways of meeting people when I'm travelling the world solo ... Full Post.

Street Art and Unpronounceable Parks.
São Paulo, Part 2. My lasting memories of São Paulo will be the street art, Ibirapuera Park, and the gorgeous family I stayed with ... Full Post.

Skipping School & Singing Circles.
São Paulo, Part 1. I would be living with a couple and teaching them English in return for my stay ... Full post.

There is Another Way of Looking at the World.
A Month in the Mountains. Source Temple: my first work away experience... Full post.

Paraty, Brazil.
As a recovering hippie, Paraty really did appeal to the residual hippie in me ... Full post.

Goodbye Rio!
I had fallen in love with Rio, but we still live in a time when relationship between woman and city are frowned upon ... Full post

Rio Olympics 2016.
It is no coincidence that I ended up in Rio when the Olympics were on ... Full post

Right Here, Right Now.
When was the last time were exactly where you were meant to be, doing exactly what you were suppose to be doing? ...Full post

What Makes a Good Travel Companion?
Before you book your flights, be sure that you and your travel buddy are suited for life on the road ... Full Post.

The Greatest Place on Earth.
I have recently returned, (and am still recovering) from the greatest party on the earth! I L-O-V-E Glastonbury Festival! ...Full post

I'm a BIG fan of the post-it note.
Having lived with one of my best friend for the last three, I have become a big fan of the post-it note. ... Full post

The Countdown - It's Official.
Packing up my life and preparing to leave the country is one of the most stressful and things that I have had to 'deal with' ... Full post

I’ve not been everywhere, but it’s on my list.
I understand the sentiment behind writing a bucket list, but I have never really thought of myself as having one ...Full post

Ten things to think about before your next trip.
Should I quit my job? Suitcase vs backpack? Cash or Cards? Do I need travel insurance? ... Full post.

Toss a coin, roll a dice.
On the 1st January, I tossed a coin and rolled a dice. Heads, South East Asia, Tails, South America. The number on the dice being ...Full post

First stop, HOME!
I suppose, like any good story, the best place to start is at the beginning ... Full post

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